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Covert Dreams

Covert Dreams - Mike Meyer What did you think of the cover? It took me awhile to actually understand what it was. But when I was done reading and I looked back, I understand that the image sheds some light on B.J. dream and the story itself.

Was the book different from what you expected? It was. I was expecting a more straightforward mystery. But this is a compelling story with more than one twist and really messes with your head. In a good way.

Were the characters and their problems believable? The characters were believable but I half expected someone to turn around and say, it was all a dream. You keep reading because you can't wait to get to the bottom of the BJ's issues.

Would you recommend this book? I will definitely recommend this book to those who are looking for a deep mystery and don't mind a few mind games.

Disclosure: I received a free book from the author. This did not affect my honest opinion.