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Kaleidoscope World

Kaleidoscope World - Tomica Scavina What did you think of the cover? The cover is central to the story and to the title which also made me think of the different colours we each show others. We have different emotions, different reactions ... and yet, we are one being.

Was the book different from what you expected? It was very different. Every time I told myself the story was becoming predictable, Tomica would twist it and the characters would do something unexpected.

Were the characters and their problems believable? In some sections the situations seemed exaggerate and the dialogue seemed forced. However, given the same situation and need for change of scenery that Dahlia had, maybe I would react the same way.

Which character could you relate to best? Dahlia, the main character. Her personal growth and the way she faced her demons from the past is what I did at her age. I think every young woman tends to do that especially when questioning the loss of her father.

Would you recommend this book? I would definitely recommend this book.

Disclosure: I received a free book from the author. This did not affect my honest opinion.